We have been talking and learning all about ways to go this week. Our shared reading for the week is “To Town” and it’s our first one. We’ve been pulling in other stories to build on our discussion about transportation. Of course, the all time favorite for the week so far is “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus”. My kids are OBSESSED with Mo Willems this year. More than any group that I’ve ever had. Lucky for you…if you don’t have this book (which I highly recommend you get it plus all of the other books he’s written), you can watch it on YouTube.

Then, you should go on a Mo Willems shopping spree because kids can’t get enough. The story ended today with the pigeon dreaming about firetrucks and my kids asked me when he was going to write the fire truck story.

We then came up with a list of things we would not let the pigeon drive.

They all had to come up with their own kind of transportation they wouldn’t let the pigeon drive.

My kids loved this activity so much that I thought I’d share with you . This is one of the response pages from my transportation unit.

Here are a few of the other activities and books that we have used so far this week. We read Things that Go and did our emergent reader.

I always have students highlight the picture word and find the pattern in the book.

Then, we got really fancy and pulled out the “witchy” fingers to track the text and read with a buddy.

We also read the story How Will I Get to School this Year? and created a class transportation pictograph and the students made their own bar graph based off of the information we collected.

I also read (to go along with our shared reading “To Town”) All Through My Town and students had to make a connection to the story. 

We brainstormed different vehicles and buildings that we see in our town that were also in the story.

All of these other activities (plus some) can be found in my transportation unit and it’s on sale throughout the rest of the week!

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