Happy Wednesday! Are you ready to share pictures of your classroom?

I’m not going to lie…I didn’t do anything differently this year. When you are 6 months pregnant and going back to teach K, you’ve gotta pick your battle. Tackling a hot glue was just not happening this year. So, I’m going to confess…these are the same pictures I shared last year because my classroom is exactly the same.

That feels good to get that off my chest.

My library is one of my all time favorite corners in the world. I have my baskets arranged so that thematic books (zoo, farm, transportation…etc) are in the green baskets. The pink baskets are arranged by author and then I have a shelf of blue baskets that is dedicated to the leveled library.

My student tables are arranged around my carpet. The carpet is the focal point of the room and where we spend most of our day so it just makes sense to make it the center of the room. 

I have lots of different areas sectioned off to make the room have “stations”.

This is the art station. 

Right next to that, I have my math manipulatives and math tubs.

I found all of these wonderful baskets at Big Lots last year. I had to hunt them down at several different stores, but they work perfectly and go with the color theme of my room.

My guided reading table is in the front of the room so I can see everything going on while I’m reading with groups. 

I like to have bright colors in my classroom. Last year, my kids asked me if we were having a party and I told them all year long .

So there’s where I spend the majority of my life . Make sure to link up with Blog Hoppin’ with pictures of your classroom and come back tomorrow for Sanity Savers!

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