Don’t you love Read and Write the Room as one of your literacy stations? It has always been one of my go to stations, but I am kind of scrambling at times to pull what I want to go with what we are doing for the time being. I need a resource that I can pull from instead of scrambling to find what I need. That’s where I came up with creating the idea to create this unit.

I introduced this station to my students last week and we did it whole group.

However, as the year goes, I need differentiated activities for my students. Some kids are ready to move on and some kids aren’t ready to write words. In this unit, you can find 3 differentiated levels.

I let students use vis-a-vis pens or expo markers to write on the cards where the beginning sound is missing. This is typically something that I introduce mid-year. You might have students that need to do the tracing for the entire year or you might have kiddos that are ready for the above level right from the get-go.

I am giving away a set of pens and pointers along with the unit.

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Even if you don’t win, you can get this unit on sale for the remainder of the week.

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