The color fun continues this week! If you want to read about some of the activities we did last week, you can catch it all in my Kindergarten Color Days Post.

My kiddos started literacy stations and BUILD math tubs last week. I was floored by how well they did with it.

They typed out their beginning sounds for the pictures and then printed it out. My kids this year are doing a much better job with the keyboard than the kids did last year. I had a kiddo last year reach up and try to touch the computer screen like an iPad. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I was still running around like a chicken with my head cut off but that ALWAYS gets easier. They are still learning how to find their stations and then where to go once they start. Then, they always have questions and while that’s going on I inevitably have at least 3 kids behind me at all times tapping on me asking what they are supposed to be doing.

You just have to get through the first week of this and then I teach kids how to look at the board (at some point among the craziness) and show them how to locate the person that did the station the day before. They go ask them how to complete the station before they come ask me. I want to have a well oiled machine in place by the time I’m ready to begin reading groups.

Here are my color plans for this week!

Here is a look at the books we are going to be using.

I keep forgetting to put this in here each week, but if you want the layout of my lesson plans on a blank template, you can snag it for free and make it your own.

Here are all of the resources you can pull from this week.

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