I decided to post a day late today because YAHOO we have a nice long weekend! I love getting to skip a Monday.

This week, we are talking about family and the kiddos are doing their first presentation about their family! I love starting the process of presentations. The first one is always a little rocky but it’s important to give kids a lot of encouragement and stress the importance of supporting each other during presentations.

We started literacy stations and math tub rotations two weeks ago. As you can imagine, it was a little crazy but we got through it. We start new stations when we get back and I know that the next round of stations are going to be smooth sailing.

Here are some pictures of us using the family unit last year. The emergent reader is always something my kids enjoy because they feel confident about being able to read their books after we highlight the pictures words.

We always create a family tree where kids have to write the names of everyone in their family. It can take a little while…especially if they have more than just a Mom and Dad to include on their tree!

One of my favorite books to read during the week we study about family, is The Relatives Came. It’s also a great story to read during the holidays. After we read the story, I have the students illustrate a picture of their family. I also have a text to self connection activity that I would do if I was doing this activity later in the year. For now, the family portrait is what works best for us at this point in the year.

Here is my bookshelf filled up with family books!

Most everything that I’m doing this week can be found in my “It’s All In The Family” unit.

Everything in my store is on sale through the rest of the day! I hope you have a relaxing rest of your long (well deserved) weekend!

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