Such a busy week this week! We’ve got the firetruck coming to visit, picture day and field day all wrapped in to five days of craziness fun. As you can see, we have a full week ahead! We typically don’t have field day in the Fall, but they are trying something different this year. I’m […]

In the Classroom

I got this FABULOUS idea from Rachel at The Tattooed Teacher. She has her own V.I.P. table and all kinds of cool things that she does with her kiddos. I was able to take her amazing idea and turn it in to one that worked for me in my classroom. I don’t have the space […]

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What a fun weekend I had this weekend being showered yet AGAIN! Oh my word. I am surprised I didn’t have to rent a U-haul to get everything back to our house. This baby is going to be decked out for the first year of her life. Goodness. It was such a special day and […]

In the Classroom

It’s Fall Break week! Oh my WORD. And a field trip. And a Fall party. Somewhere in there we are going to be learning about pumpkins and the life cycle. When we go to the farm on Tuesday, we get to walk around the pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins off the vine. This is a […]

In the Classroom

I am taking full advantage of doing nothing this weekend and getting a prenatal massage and recuperating from pregnancy . This whole teaching Kindergarten at 36 weeks pregnant is no joke! 1. Go Cubs Go!!!! I am so flipping excited about the cubs advancing to the national league playoffs this weekend. That is mostly what I’ll […]

Five For Friday

I started doing a computer station last year. We started with beginning sounds and then moved on to labeling. The kids love computer station, but I had some kids that needed a little more of a challenge. My goal this year was to make a computer station for the kids that are little quicker and […]


I didn’t actually do a classroom reveal this year because I have been busting my rear to get this nursery finished! Oh my word…what a task! Everyone said, “Oh you have plenty of time” and “Don’t rush”. Well, I wish I would have tried to get more done in the summer because my weekends have […]

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