We have been having so much fun doing our color days this week. We started the week with red and followed with orange, yellow, green.

Each morning, the kids have a morning task of color word work to complete. We play the color songs (which I’ll share here in a minute) and work on just coming in and completing the task of morning work. It’s not anything fancy, but part of our routine is walking it, taking down their chair and getting started. For the first couple of days, I put up an example and then after that most kids catch on and I don’t have to put up an example. If you feel like your kids need an example, then keep putting it up there.

If you have taught Kindergarten before, you know that it’s no small task to get them to color the word to make sense. I’ve got a lot of rainbow thinkers this year.

Each day, we read a fiction and non-fiction book about the color we are learning about.

Monday, we read “Red is Best” and then they had to come up with something they have that is red and draw and attempt to write it. This really is our first week delving in to school beyond rules and routines so even if they could just get one letter down, I was good with that. 

Each day, we do the emergent reader as a wrap up activity.

Orange day, we read “The Big Orange Splot” which is one of my personal favorites. I put the orange splot on the houses and they got to decorate the house around the splot.

You want to paint ahead so they can dry so when they are decorating their house it doesn’t make a mess with the paint and their hands getting in to it.

This was the big day they got to use markers.

This is a good picture to sum up what we did each day because it has the morning work, reading activity, non-fiction book and emergent reader.

 Here were our books for Green Day. I really like the one by Laura Seegar because it talks about the different shades of green. It brought up a good discussion about how colors can be different shades. The Science Kids Color Books are UH-MAZING! I can’t even tell you how much I have enjoyed them this year. They are very age appropriate and we always read them before we complete the emergent reader for each color word.

They created their green monster with construction paper after we cut out the words and re-assembled the sentence.

Then, of course, at the end of the day we read the non-fiction book and green and they completed their green emergent reader.

I use the emergent reader as a wrap up for the day and it’s my assessment for them. I check to see if they can 1. read the color word and 2. Can illustrate something that is always that color. During our morning meeting, we make a list of things that are always that color and can be that color.

Today was blue day, and between testing and eye screening, we didn’t get everything done that I wanted to! We did get to our Blueberries for Sal project. I couldn’t find the book (imagine that…), but I was able to pull it up on YouTube. 

The color day songs can be found on YouTube…even though you probably should buy them instead….don’t tell anyone you got the link from me.

Next week, we are going to continue with color days and it’s nice because the kids know what to expect. It gives us a solid routine for the first two weeks of school. I don’t get much “What are we doing next?” because they start to catch on to the routine. When stamina is low at the beginning of the year, it helps to have days that are structured almost exactly the same!

All of this fun color stuff can be found in these two units!


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