I started doing a computer station last year. We started with beginning sounds and then moved on to labeling. The kids love computer station, but I had some kids that needed a little more of a challenge. My goal this year was to make a computer station for the kids that are little quicker and needed a step above.

So many of us use the sentence scramble pages…you know the ones. The pages where they have to cut out the words and then reconstruct them to make a full sentence? Well, my thought was to give them the words and have them type it out first. Then, they print it out and put the words in order.

I did make reference cards with this unit so kiddos can either look at them while they are typing or they can check their sentence when they are done before they print.

After they print it, they cut out the words at the bottom.

Glue the words in order.

Color the picture so the colors make sense.

I also included an “I Can” card and a student friendly card for directions on how to use the “shift” button to make a capital letter.

If you would like to try it for yourself, you can get one of the pdfs and try it out.

Simple Sentences Just My Type will be on sale through the weekend!

If this is too difficult for your kiddos, you can check out any of my other 3 “Just My Type” units.

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