It’s the first week of Kindergarten and whew…I am sleeping like a baby.

It is always so shocking to go from May to August and you just forget how much you have to really dig in and get started right out of the gate. Today, I had to teach kiddos how to roll their dice and part of a math lesson because it’s something we do all year. It’s just a slow moving train at the beginning of the year but we get there…eventually!

We had fun today reading “The Kissing Hand” and making this poster to talk about our emotions about the first day of school. I saw this on Pinterest and I’m not sure where the original came from but if it was you let me know…we loved it! 

I didn’t have them complete any kind of response page with it…we just chatted about it and how they felt about school. Sometimes, we do a puzzle of our and cut it up with a heart sticker in the middle. This year, I  just wanted to do something different so this was the alternative.

After we read the story, I did have them illustrate a picture of themselves on the first day of school. We do this as their first page of their memory books that go home at the end of the year. If you don’t do a memory book, I would encourage you to! It’s amazing to see how they progress from day 1 to the last day. 

If you click here or on the pictures, you can grab these both to use for the first and last days of K this year.

I love seeing their progression throughout the year and these are good bookends to start and finish the books with. The memory book is filled with 30-40 pages of work samples throughout the year to show growth.

Since we have only been going to school for half days, we only got one math activity done today. This is what I was talking about earlier…I had to teach them how to roll their dice. 

I am now just realizing that I had my kids do the old version of this activity. There is an up-dated version of this roll and cover in my K Back Pack Unit.

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