Last week, I shared with you how I have been making my life with calendar so much easier. I am putting the entire year in one folder and the kiddos are using expo markers and little erasers to follow along as we go.

Here is a picture that I shared from last week.

I set these folders up at the beginning of the year and slap an Avery label on the top of it and it is their “calendar folder” for the year.

Many of you were asking if I was going to finish them for the year and I did! Not only did I finish for the year, but I also included NEXT year. I am just thinking that having two years done will give me a little time before I have to up-date it.

As the students are filling out their calendars, I am doing it with them on the smartboard. I import it as a PDF and we do it all together.

Here is what you can win:

First off, you will need the unit . So you will win that.

I will also send you my all time FAVORITE student erasers from the Marker Board Company. I write their name on it with a sharpie. My kids keep their eraser in their tool box all year. We use all the time and it holds up great.

I’ll also send you 24 skinny expo markers so your kids can write in their folders!

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