I cannot believe this is happening but today is my first day back! What in the WHAT!?!

I feel like I just packed my room up and was getting ready for summer.

However, the one thing that is making me a little more excited about this week is the TpT back to school sale! I have a huge list of things that I will be purchasing during this sale.

If you enter the code B2S15, you will get up to 28% off of everything in your cart!

Just in time for all of the hoop-la, I got my BUILD units done for the entire year and I am feeling very accomplished. My goal was to get them all done before school started and I just finished yesterday . Nothing like last minute… 

I was also able to get the whole year bundled up nicely and it’s part of the sale too!

If you want to check out a way to win the entire year of BUILD, go to my Facebook page to enter.

I will be back later on this week to share more about my November BUILD unit that I just wrapped up!

When is everyone going back to school…or have you already?

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